Geelong community dreams up a BetterBlock

Geelong community has come together to create a temporary street activation in the central city area of Little Malop Street where retail vacancy almost outnumbers local business. Community groups, local artists, poets and street performers will be activating the space on June 15th supported by local business both on the street and in the broader Geelong community.

The street activation, cordinated by Innate Ecology, is inspired by the successful BetterBlock Tour at the Geelong Sustainable Living Series in February 2013.

The GeelongBetterBlock volunteer crew are locals with a passion for improving their city centre. In particular participants aim to demonstrate how they would like to see the streets activated with upcycled street furniture, planting and bicycle parking. The aim is for the development of a more sustainable city with locally sourced quality food, pedestrian and cycling friendly and safe.

GeelongBetterBlock is supported by local council, community and business including Beavs Bar, Geelong Technical Education Centre, East Geelong Community Centre, Christian College, Faggs Mitre 10, Courthouse Arts, FoodSkil and Pulse FM local radio.

Published by Innate Ecology

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2 thoughts on “Geelong community dreams up a BetterBlock

  1. I’m looking at proposing that Lt.Malop from the Highway to the School have the northern side of the road closed off to traffic forcing one way traffic on the south side of the road. maintaining parking on both sides but just a whole, non major traffic road be dedicated to bikes. I’m interested in what your plans are am want to talk more about this.


    Rhys Davies 0435 570 622 inti graphics Strategic Visual Communication  

    ‘Logic will get you from A to Z: imagination will get you everywhere.’ ~ Albert Einstein



    1. Hi Rhys,
      We are having a CycleGeelong Forum at the GeelongBetterBlock on June 15th at 1pm to discuss these opportunities and the current issues facing bike commuters in Geelong. Come along and have your say.


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