Regional Agribusiness Scan Survey

Ravens Creek Farm, Moriac

No matter what part of the food system you participate in we are all involved. Whether you produce, distribute, process or access food it is vital to all people, not just in quantity but the nutritional value that is obtained on a regular basis.

Regional Geelong has always been an amazing source of food, from the many food producing locations known by indigenous people to the crops and livestock raised over vast grazing lands and oceans rich with seafood.

Today the region is seeing an increase in sustainable farming practices to closed loop systems that reduce waste streams and chemical use. Some farmers have invested in diversified farming practices working with the ecosystem, while others employ biodynamic, organic and permaculture principles. The level of interest in greenhouse production, hydroponic and aquaponic systems is also on the rise.

Understanding the emerging trend in agribusiness is important for agribusiness growers, industry groups and leaders. Through mapping new and developing agribusiness projects in the region we develop greater regional cohesiveness and marketing, provide better support for changing industry needs and improve programmes for changing infrastructure or distribution in the regional food system.

This week the Regional Agribusiness Scan Survey opens for a two week period and we need, food producers, distributors, processors and retailers to connect regional Geelong agribusiness. Please click here to take the survey.

The Regional Agribusiness Scan Survey by Innate Ecology is undertaken on behalf of the Committee for Geelong, G21 Agribusiness Forum and Enterprise Geelong.

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