as 2012 ends…

2012 was a tumultuous year for many with social, environmental and economic upheavals. For myself it was the end of an era and the beginning of a new journey that would take me down many paths. The year began with the end of my journey as a sustainable design and research leader in a multinationalContinue reading “as 2012 ends…”

welcoming the new visionary hub

The newly established Living Future Institute Australia (LFIA) was launched to the media today, to much excitement and interest.  With the introduction of another industry sustainability based organisation into the Australian arena, one has to ask, why more. What is it that we don’t already have, or are not already doing with the many existingContinue reading “welcoming the new visionary hub”

The Importance of Regional Food Sourcing

Regional food sourcing decreased in popularity for the general populace in the 90’s until more recently, however a small populace has always maintained a connection with farmers markets, community gardens, edible nature strips and backyard veggie patches. Today there is a growing resurgence in community gardens, street harvesting and the desire to not only eatContinue reading “The Importance of Regional Food Sourcing”