_Liveable Cities Conference Webinar Host, Association for Sustainble Business, June

_Liveable Cities Conference Host, Association for Sustainble Business, Adelaide, June

_Liveable Cities Conference Host, Association for Sustainble Business, Melbourne, June

_‘Regional leadership -Living Within Earth’s Resources’, Australian Regional Development Conference, September
_‘One Planet Living’, National Sustainble Communities Summit 2017, MAV, September
_’Living Within One Planet Resources’, Making Cities Liveable, Brisbane, July

_‘Work Place, Future Place’, Herman Miller REACH 2016, Connecting Leaders Dinner, September
_‘Living Within One Planets Resources’, WALGA, Perth, May

_‘Developing food resilience in cities’, Resilient Cities and Communities: The New Global Imperative, Municipal Association of Victoria, Melbourne, December
_’Local and Sustainable Food’, Geelong Sustainability Forum, September
_‘Food Hubs & Regional Food Systems’, Future of Local Food Conference, Municipal Association of Victoria, Melbourne, September
_‘Local Food Economies’, Australian Regional Development Conference, Albury, August
_‘Food Hubs, Future Proofing Regional Cities’, 8th Making Cities Liveable Conference, July
_Barwon Region Agribusiness Scan’, G21 Agribusiness Briefing, March
_‘Enabling Local Food Economies’, Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Sustainble Living Festival, February

_’Growing our Food City’, The Future of Local Food 2014 Conference, MAV Council, Melbourne
_’Growing City Resilience, Integrating Urban Agriculture in Urban Ecology’, 7th International Urban Design Conference, Adelaide
_’Developing Food Resilience in Cities’, Conference Paper, 7th Making Cities Liveable Conference, Kingscliff
_’Multi-Residential Development with One Planet Living’, BDAV South West Victoria Region, Geelong
_’One Planet Living Geelong’, Geelong Sustainability Forum, Geelong
Regional Food Hubs’, Farm & Food Entrepreneurs (one-day) Forum, Sustainable Living Festival Geelong

_‘Regenerating cities through food’ EcoCity 2013 ‘television interview’ Conference, Nantes France

_‘Food Resilience, Is it the key to regional city regeneration?’ 6th Making Cities Liveable Conference, Melbourne
_’Living Futures & the Living Building Challenge’, Melbourne

_’Biomimicry and Biophillic Design’, Lecture, University of Melbourne, Burnley
_’Living Futures & the Living Building Challenge’, Melbourne
_‘Organizational Sustainability’, Association of Sustainable Business Conference, Gold Coast