We are at our most productive when our environment supports family and community needs, nourishes us and is a place of simple beauty. We are here to support you to be the most productive and achieve amazing places for community.

Suzette Jackson

Innate Ecology offers design and strategy services for residential housing, precincts and organisations.

Our passion for nature, the environment and social living is core to our work.

Our services are aimed at improving quality of life and capacity for the community.

Designing for social purpose. We design homes to support health and wellbeing, adapting to changing needs of families. Our designs maximise healthy spaces, utilising natural resources and the natural environment to provide indoor and outdoor living. Our homes maximise food gardens and your ability to grow produce and prepare foods and support family lifestyles, with flexibility for private and social places.

We aim to provide positive supportive environments for clients, working collaboratively. We utilise coaching and positive psychology, permaculture and passive design principles. Our principles are based on designing for longevity with quality over size, designing for low resource use, beautiful places and balance.

Life moves towards the direction our minds aim it in. Our goal is to help turn your dream into reality.

Our design services include developing sustainability strategies, workshop facilitation and training. We provide sustainability strategies for multi-residential projects working with multi disciplinary teams, and incorporate a regenerative philosophy into all our small scale developments and homeowners. Our services approach is tailored to suit your needs and budget.

We reference international best practices and frameworks to optimise your outcomes. Suzette Jackson is an experienced designer of residential, workplaces and a sustainability consultant, working with international sustainability frameworks and tools including:

  • Permaculture
  • One Planet Living
  • Living Building Challenge
  • Green Star


Geelong / Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Our mission is to co-create healthy, positive and beautiful homes, communities and organisations, founded on health and wellbeing, resilience and diversity.

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