Geelong community dreams up a BetterBlock

Geelong community has come together to create a temporary street activation in the central city area of Little Malop Street where retail vacancy almost outnumbers local business. Community groups, local artists, poets and street performers will be activating the space on June 15th supported by local business both on the street and in the broaderContinue reading “Geelong community dreams up a BetterBlock”

Creating places of ‘Urban Reforestation’

Our cities grow larger and more densely populated, while access to locally grown foods becomes more difficult and raw foods are transported greater distances. Urban centres have become a spaghetti of roadways filled with cars, buses and other forms of transport, as our remaining open spaces. This has contributed to the urban heat island effect, causedContinue reading “Creating places of ‘Urban Reforestation’”

as 2012 ends…

2012 was a tumultuous year for many with social, environmental and economic upheavals. For myself it was the end of an era and the beginning of a new journey that would take me down many paths. The year began with the end of my journey as a sustainable design and research leader in a multinationalContinue reading “as 2012 ends…”