empowering community

Tactical Urbanism is occurring globally in communities large and small. The impetus is simple, connecting and supporting local community through empowering people to create and activate the urban areas around their properties. In a world where we define our homes by property boundaries only, this movement seeks to redefine our understanding of the land andContinue reading “empowering community”

Better Block Geelong

In true Better Block style Geelong received not one but two co-founders as part of the Innate Ecology Sustainable Living Series in Geelong. Jason Roberts, prerecorded a special message for Geelong residents followed by co-founder Andrew Howard, who provided the local audience with inspiring ideas and outcomes from The Better Block community projects across theContinue reading “Better Block Geelong”

Creating the Better Block

Andrew Howard and Jason Roberts, cofounders of America‚Äôs highly successful rapid urban revitalisation program, The Better Block, will visit Australia for the first time, on The ‘Better’ Block’ Tour. The Better Block Tour will help kick start a revitalisation of neighbourhoods and communities across Victoria by inspiring, connecting and supporting local change makers. From musicianContinue reading “Creating the Better Block”