Food for Thought – Growing, Sharing + Eating Local Food

Fair Food Movie Night and Fair Food Forum Geelong August 20th + 22nd ¬†Accessing fresh locally grown quality food should be a right for any person, yet in recent years access to fresh local foods in our stores have decreased with the increase in many imported foods in our supermarkets. At times fast food canContinue reading “Food for Thought – Growing, Sharing + Eating Local Food”

Inspired By Nature

In our all-consuming urban lifestyles we are losing our connection to nature and natural systems. Increasingly our lives are surrounded by fast cars, motorways and buildings, less about parklands, growing foods and productive lands. Future generations are growing up having never set foot on a farm, grown their own vegetables or learnt a craft. TheContinue reading “Inspired By Nature”

Community creating better urban spaces

The Geelong Better Block is over and Jason Roberts, cofounder of The Better Block, has toured Australia and returned to the USA, so what now? ¬†Was it just a ripple through our urban fabric or has the spirit of the Better Block inspired others to reclaim our streets on a more regular basis? Jason Roberts,Continue reading “Community creating better urban spaces”