Transforming cities into ecocities

The eco-city is a term only occasionally heard in Australia. In simple terms it refers to an ecological city, one that aims for circular – closed loop resource systems is climate adapted with clean environmental conditions and sound social support systems. It is aspirational for how we may live in our cities in the future.Continue reading “Transforming cities into ecocities”

SB11 Helsinki World Sustainable Conference – October 2011

And so the conference ends for another three years. This years SB11 Helsinki conference delivered on it’s aim of involving the developing countries along with developed countries in discussing the case studies, evidence based design and new theories for sustainable buildings, communities and cities. Key note speakers included the expected international expertise of those such as RayContinue reading “SB11 Helsinki World Sustainable Conference – October 2011”

Sustainable Communities of Northern Europe – September 2011

I am planning a brief trip through Northern Europe.  It will be an educational and inspirational visit, brought about by the acceptance of my paper on organisational sustainability at the World Sustainable Conference in Helsinki in late October. I have but 4 weeks till departure to locate the best sustainable communities to visit in London, Paris, Copenhagen (or Kobenhavn),Continue reading “Sustainable Communities of Northern Europe – September 2011”