Connecting creative arts and ecology

The creative arts and ecology collide in the inaugural Geelong Environmental Film Festival on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th February. This thought provoking film festival named The GEFF, features a collection of new and inspiring short, animated and feature films. Keynote speakers and panel guests will discuss environmental issues, storytelling, research and filmmaking tips. ¬†FeatureContinue reading “Connecting creative arts and ecology”

Food for Thought – Growing, Sharing + Eating Local Food

Fair Food Movie Night and Fair Food Forum Geelong August 20th + 22nd ¬†Accessing fresh locally grown quality food should be a right for any person, yet in recent years access to fresh local foods in our stores have decreased with the increase in many imported foods in our supermarkets. At times fast food canContinue reading “Food for Thought – Growing, Sharing + Eating Local Food”