Creating Liveable Cities – Regenerating Geelong’s Northern Waterfront

‘Does the Geelong community want to be a Waterfront City with a port at its front door, inhibiting city growth and liveability? As the city of Geelong grows in population, Geelong and the region understandably feel the pressure of accommodating more people, jobs and food production. However, when we look at the densities required in globalContinue reading “Creating Liveable Cities – Regenerating Geelong’s Northern Waterfront”

Passive House in Australia

In the face of climate change, the need to curb greenhouse gas emissions is becoming ever more apparent. A key contributor to total greenhouse gas emissions, energy use in buildings, can be reduced through increases in energy efficiency while ensuring the highest levels of comfort. The Passive House Standard, developed by the Passive House Institute,Continue reading “Passive House in Australia”