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The newly established Living Future Institute Australia (LFIA) was launched to the media today, to much excitement and interest.  With the introduction of another industry sustainability based organisation into the Australian arena, one has to ask, why more. What is it that we don’t already have, or are not already doing with the many existing environmental tools? What will the LFIA do differently?

The Living Futures Institute Australia  is a regional organization, partnered with the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). The purpose of the Living Future Institute Australia, however, is as a visionary hub, which supports restorative design specifically in alternative environmental and built environment (buildings and communities) tools and strategies.

This focus will provide not only affordable and accessible approaches for the general public and broader community but aims for the most sustainable living possible. The premise here is not to do less bad, but do more good: to live appropriately for our resources and regional community strengths.

Whilst the LFIA is still in its start up phase, it has begun to support and offer training in a number of key tools and strategies such as the Living Building Challenge, One Planet Living, the Passive House standard and Biomimicry. This broad focus across a number of ‘international best practice’ platforms is key to offering tools to a number of audiences.

The strategies and tools supported by the LFIA will provide ‘international best practice’ solutions for smaller businesses, communities and even individual homeowners. They  provide  alternatives as well as  complementing the existing Australian tools. The LFIA is working with colleagues, partners and members, industry associations, universities and business in order to create healthier, more liveable Australian buildings, places and communities.

 The LFIA will be officially launched by Jason McLennan, CEO of the International Living Future Institute in August, whilst here for the LFIA Living Building Challenge Australian tour. Further details are available here

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